Review: “The Dead Room” Starts Strong Only To Fail In Its Final Act



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Two scientists and a psychic enter a home that was abandoned by its previous owners when they claimed it was haunted. Trying to find either spirits or a reasonable explanation for why things are happening in the home, the three ghost hunters find more than they bargained for.


Stutter and Brophy created an almost a perfect two thirds of a movie. Not content to just do what’s been done many times before with these type of movies, “The Dead Room” relies on subtlety and allowing the viewer to create a lot of the horror on their own by trying to guess what’s coming. There aren’t apparitions appearing and disappearing, there aren’t jump scares or things you think are spirits but turn out to be absolutely nothing, but instead you hear heavy footsteps thudding up and down the hallways, the chandeliers on the ceiling shake and rattle, doors open and close on their own. Because the viewer can’t see anything, only hear, it creates a completely unsettling and unnerving scenario that plays out for most of the movie. Holly (Peterson), the young psychic, is the only one that can actually see the spirit that is terrorizing them. It stands above her on her bed, stares are her from the doorway, and stands at the end of the hall watching them. A lot of the tension and terror of the movie is built by what she’s saying she can see and I was constantly darting my eyes from side-to-side trying to catch a glimpse of what she was describing but Stutter and Brophy never show their hand.

Unfortunately, as this movie was getting closer to wrapping up and delivering a strong horror film, the tone of the movie completely changes. It goes from this smart and thrilling horror film to almost comical and completely ridiculous. They do away with the subtlety and now people are being tripped by hands coming out of the ground, characters are being tossed around the room by an unseen spirit, and chains are being manipulated to fly in the air and wrap around people’s necks. It caught me so off guard that I just sat there watching completely gobsmacked. The movie ends with no resolution and a terrible final scene that just left me in a bad mood. I’m not sure if this ending was the plan the whole time or if the studio had them add it in last minute to make a more traditional horror movie, but either way it completely ruined the whole thing. Such a shame because I liked everything else.





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