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‘Spotlight” is the true story of how the Boston Globe and their spotlight investigative team uncovered many counts of molestation, and the subsequent cover-up, within the Catholic Church. For years they had been toying around with covering the story but when one lawyer, Garabedian (Tucci), decides to take the accusations to court, the time for turning a blind eye to what was going on ended.

When you begin watching this movie, you already know you’re not going to see an uplifting film. Most people know what ended up happening (or, at the very least, have an idea), and this film doesn’t change facts to make it a more happy-go-lucky film. McCarthy (The Station Agent) is satisfied to dive right in and give us the most brutal facts about what was happening because (like the characters in the film stress) if you’re not going to be brave enough to tell it exactly how it is, it will allow the powers-that-be to sweep it back under the rug. ‘Spotlight’ punches you in the mouth and gets you invested in the investigation as facts upon facts keep getting uncovered. Throughout the film, you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. For someone representing the church to shut everything down, or for them to get away with it yet again. That fear adds a tension that I was not expecting, but kept me on the edge of my seat.

The only thing that kept taking me out of the movie was the way in which Ruffalo spoke. I’m sure it was the way the man he was portraying sounded or spoke, but it comes off Barney Rubble-ish and you just sit there trying to figure out why he’s sounding like that. I was so transfixed that I would often miss what his character was actually saying, which you never want to have happen in a movie like this because every line is important and usually sets up the next scene.

Much like ‘All the President’s Men‘ before it, ‘Spotlight’ makes investigative journalism exciting, interesting, and gets you engaged in the story. It’s being called ‘The best film of the year’ and while I don’t agree with that, it’s still another strong showing for 2015 cinema.





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