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One of the perks of doing a job like this is we get sent films from all over the world from all kinds of creators looking for reviews before their films are set to come out. While the general public is going about their day and planning on watching movies they’ve seen trailers for on television, most reviewers are getting their first look at the next wave of movies that will excite audiences. It’s like having a really big secret that you can’t wait to share with everyone. One of those really big secrets, for me, is a new short film titled “Something Blue” by student filmmaker Joseph Johnson. In a very quick seven minutes, Johnson is able to pack more emotion and tension than is seen in most feature-length films and the story it centers around is one that everyone can relate to but not very many people talk about.

In the seven minutes, we get a look into the lives of a husband and wife (played by Ric Law and Pippa Winslow) as they sit down for breakfast and go through all of the motions of being a couple whose marriage is going through a very real struggle but neither seems to want to face head on. While there is this wedge between them that both can’t help but think about, they try to push it out of their heads in order to just get a sentence out; to try to carry on a natural and loving conversation. It’s interesting to watch as you can see the problems start to effect the way they deal with the small talk they’re having and how one slight movement by one causes the other to shift uncomfortably and question their motives. It’s the sign of a relationship ending where both parties are just trying to hold on and keep it together but also fantasize about what it would be like if it could just be over with and they could move on with their lives.

“Something Blue” holds a magnifying glass up to the things we all deal with in long-term relationships but always manage to look the other way, or bury it further down in order to look right past it. The film is a social commentary on the things we do for love, or the way we try to mend a shattered relationship to keep some semblance of normalcy in our lives. There is one thing in particular about this movie that had me thinking about it long after it was finished. While they’re speaking to one another, both of them are looking at something that is directly behind the vantage point we’re given. They don’t speak on it at all but we watch as they’re eyes keep drifting back to the same spot. Once the audience gets to see what is there, many questions will no doubt be asked. I had a lot of my own, but writer/director Joseph Johnson leaves it up to the viewers to decipher what it actually is and what it could possibly represent. This is a brilliant technique on his part as it keeps you thinking about the movie, keeps you thinking about what they’re looking at, while also allowing you to come up with your own interpretation. The thing they’re focused on can represent anything the viewer wants it to and every viewer will no doubt have their own explanation.

A brilliant piece of art, “Something Blue” is a sign that Joseph Johnson has a lot to say and does so in a creative and interesting way. We need more films like this; more films that make us think and inspect our own lives. After all, that’s what art is all about.

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