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Womanizer Jake (Sudeikis) and serial cheater Lainey (Brie) meet in college when she’s found in hysterics and banging on the door of her TA and crush Matthew (Scott). When the two find out neither has slept with anyone, they agree to take each other’s virginity. Years later, Jake has been getting into and out of relationships as fast as he can while Lainey has failed to make a romantic connection with anyone other than the unattainable (and recently engaged) Matthew. When Jake and Lainey reunite, the two find that they have much more in common than they could have imagined and so begins a messy and confusing friendship/relationship.


R-rated romantic comedies are few and far between — at least ones that boast as talented of a cast as this one — so it’s always nice to see a new one come out that doesn’t have any problem tackling the things we all go through but never talk about. Unfortunately, ‘Sleeping With Other People’ revolves around two self-involved characters that are so infatuated with themselves, and each other, that they forget to entertain the audience watching their relationship blossom. We end up following these two characters as they continue down their respected rabbit holes of self-destruction yet we’re supposed to also sympathize with them somehow. I found myself increasingly disgusted with both (despite loving Sudeikis and Brie in everything else they’ve done) and hoping that the movie would just end so I could forget about these two altogether.

I guess every type of relationship deserves a film adaptation that perfectly sums up what some might be going through, but at no point did this film strike any kind of chord with me. It was also a major letdown that you have these actors that excel in comedic situations yet gave them nothing to work with. Instead of jokes, we awkwardly watch Jake teach Lainey how to correctly touch herself, we see Jake saying he loves Lainey yet he’s actively trying to sleep with his boss (Peet), and when he does finally sleep with his boss he ends up saying Lainey’s name in the middle of it — you know, because he loves her, I guess. The whole thing is just a jumbled mess that keeps teasing you with small moments of comedy and then diving back into the deep end of their twisted romance.

I really wanted to like this movie, but they gave me nothing to like. I watched for two hours as these two people slept around, tried to convince each other they’re really romantics and not sex addicts, and congratulating each other over-and-over on their superb vocabulary. By the end of it, you’re left wondering why they mattered, why Jason Mantzoukas wasn’t in the movie more, and trying to figure out if this whole film was really just an excuse to get Alison Brie in lingerie.





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