Review: “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” Is the Death Rattle of This Franchise







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The Fleeges family is haunted by a demon that’s trying to take their young daughter from them. Equipped with a “Ghost seeing” camera, they will attempt to catch it and drive it from their home. With the help of their brother and friend, they will uncover old films in which young girls see their house and them living in it.

Let’s go ahead and remove the conversation about acting from this review. It clearly didn’t matter to the director and, honestly, the acting has never been the selling point for this franchise. What is the selling point you may ask? Making a cheap horror film that will make money in theaters because people keep going. Stop going. Stop making this horror franchise live on. From the first Paranormal Activity all the way up to this one, they have used the same tricks, the same scares, and the same story over-and-over. It’s tiresome and what wasn’t interesting the first time around definitely hasn’t gained any traction now that we’re all the way to number six.


This whole film is a test of your patience. How long can you watch a group of people repeatedly make the same mistakes? How long can you pretend to be entertained by things jumping in front of the camera or a quiet scene get interrupted by an unexpected loud noise used just to make you jump? Cheap thrills reside in this franchise and it’s never going to get any better. This time around, however, the filmmakers thought, “You know what will make this better than the others despite regurgitating the same script and cast of characters? 3D!” That’s right: ghosts will jump into the camera, people will vomit spirits at you, and you won’t believe your eyes when a ghost claw emerges from someone’s chest. It’s all in your face! While they may have thought that would make movie-goers forget that nothing else is being introduced, they completely ignored the fact that found footage is supposed to feel authentic. You’re not supposed to use a lot of CGI, or 3D, you’re supposed to create a feeling that this was all something filmed, lost, and then found. Paranormal Activity has finally jumped the shark, and they did so in their final chapter.

Another reason for why this franchise has never worked: everyone has cameras on their phone. Cameras are all around us. Yet throughout these movies, the characters seem enamored with the technology; like cavemen finding fire. They can’t keep their hands off of it, everyone wants to carry the camera around and film their mundane actions, and we will once again get another character whose “had enough” of the constant filming. You know, to voice our own feelings. That one character is just like us: except they make stupid decisions, say stupid things, and when they die you feel nothing. There’s a scene in this movie where the family’s daughter goes missing and the dad, while freaking out and trying to find her, actually takes the time to find the camera and start filming his search. That would never happen. And if it did, screw that guy. If he’s my dad I’d rather be adopted.

If you’ve seen one Paranormal Activity, you’ve seen them all. They claim this is the last one and I’m hoping that’s true. I can’t take anymore. A boring franchise that didn’t have an ounce of creativity. Go away now.





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