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Whether you like it or not, found footage is not going away. Once it was introduced, Hollywood found they can make movies at half the price while still bringing in big dollars at the box office. Fortunately for us, there are movies like ‘Pandemic’ that find creative ways to give us a first-person experience in a believable way. Capitalizing on what video games have been doing for years, ‘Pandemic’ gives you a front row seat to the high octane action of a zombie film. In a not-so-distant future, a virus has broken out and is infecting everyone at an alarming rate. There are five stages to the virus so those that are infected can range from normal people to violence-driven monsters. Having been separated from her family when everything started, Dr. Lauren Chase finds herself on a team of scientists and military personal that are trying to find a cure while also ridding the world of those that are too far gone. Making routine trips out into the world, Chase and her team (Denise, Gunner and Wheeler) are taxed with saving their own that got stuck out there while also bringing in anyone that has yet to be infected.


‘Pandemic’ wastes no time getting you acclimated to the world they’ve created as Dr. Chase gets a first-hand view of the five different stages of the virus. Within minutes, her and her new team are on the road, fighting of hoards of zombies and trying to stay alive long enough to make it back. While the action in this film is fantastic, there are moments where director John Suits introduces hack things that seem to find their way into every found footage film. Moments that would have been more powerful had they been delivered subtly are turned into scenes where the actors feel like they’re saying, “Hey. This thing is happening. Don’t miss it. Did you miss it? I’ll put it right up to the camera so you know what we’re going for”. As annoying as those moments were, they are few and far between and there’s not enough of them to ruin the enjoyment of this movie.

I get that CGI and movie tricks are becoming so good they’re hard to catch, but it’s still impressive the way certain scenes deliver such authentic looks. So many times in this movie people are getting stabbed, shot, having their heads stomped in and their insides torn out, yet director John Suits does such a good job at hiding the cut scenes and giving you moments that feel horrific and real. Throughout this movie you will feel like you’re really there and everything that’s going on is really happening. It makes for an exhilarating experience.

Before ‘Hardcore Henry‘ there was ‘Pandemic’ and it would be a shame if you missed it. It is currently available on iTunes.





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