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Rob (Barry) is suicidal after his girlfriend Nina (O’Shaughnessy) dies in a car crash. Holly (Hardingham) loves things that are dark, broken, and different just like her. When the two meet, it’s lust at first sight. Unfortunately for the new couple, every time they have sex, Rob’s dead girlfriend appears next to them and ruins the whole thing. For Rob it’s making it harder to get over her loss and move on with a new relationship; for Holly it’s a matter of making Nina like her so that she can let Rob go and finally rest in peace. What follows is a story of a relationship doomed from the beginning, and the couple involved trying to make it work no matter what.



I’m not really sure how to classify this film. Romantic/horror/comedy/drama? It has a little bit of every genre sprinkled together that ends up morphing into a fairytale of sorts, I suppose. Albeit one of the darkest fairytales I’ve ever seen. What I loved most about this film is that everyone involved is broken emotionally in some way. Even Nina’s parents, who Rob still visits often thinking he’s saving them from their grief while they think they’re helping him in the same way, are quietly just as broken as Rob and Holly are. This may be a film about one relationship lost and another just beginning, but the film is just as much about what it means to be depressed, to suffer from mental illness, and also be a romantic at heart. The film doesn’t come right out and tell you why Nina is appearing when the couple begins having sex, she’s just there (blood and injuries and all), so you’re left wondering if she’s really there at all or if she’s a manifestation of something else that both characters can see. Whatever her reason for being there is, she isn’t going away so the two either have to deal with it or be alone forever.

“Nina Forever” is a dark movie and it makes no apologies. It’s also a creative film that strays from the path of most movies and gives us something entirely original. Yes, there are films where people’s dead boyfriends or girlfriends come back to life, but it’s usually done in a tongue-in-cheek way while trying to force comedy in. Brothers and directors Ben and Chris Blaine are content keeping this film as dark as the situation would be if it were actually happening to someone, and the fact that they don’t allow their film to get lost in the ridiculousness of the premise is what makes it endearing and affective.

For Ben Blaine and Chris Blaine, “Nina Forever” is an impressive debut film that promises more great stuff is to come from the brothers if they continue making original stories that don’t adhere to the rules of Hollywood. You can catch “Nina Forever” On Demand and I suggest that you do.





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