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Marek (Stone), Thane (Johnson), and Dagen (Stormoen) are back! In the Mythica franchise’s fourth installment (titled “Mythica: The Iron Crown”) the team is after the final shard of the powerful relic called the darkspore. The evil necromancer Szorlok is close to completing the darkspore, and gaining enough power to begin what he refers to as “The age of death”. Marek and her team (minus Teela… R.I.P.) will have to not only find a way to keep him from achieving his goal, but also battle a few demon assassins, a group of mercenaries who also want the shard, and a gang of steampunk marauders led by the maniacal Admiral Borlund Hess (Mauro). Gojun Pye (Sorbo) tells Marek to take the shard to a place where the gods can help protect it. It’s seemingly a suicide mission, but Marek, Dagen, and Thane are up to the task.

Let me start with what I liked about this round of epic fantasy, created by the fine folks at Arrowstorm Entertainment. I LOVED the addition of the steampunk element. The war wagon, the air ships, the crazy, goggle-wearing henchmen, all were a really fun way to bring in a new plot point. Eve Mauro plays Admiral Hess with a great campiness and seems to love every minute her character is on screen. I also, as always, really enjoyed the efforts of Melanie Stone, Jake Stormoen, and Adam Johnson. Stone especially has really grown into her character, over the course of the four films, and was the perfect choice to portray the franchise’s heroic lead. Stormoen is also excellent in his role and has become pretty damn good with at channeling his inner Legolas. I would watch the hell out of a spin off series about just the two of them, going on adventures. I also should give credit to Matthew Mercer for playing such a menacing villain. He is just so merciless and creepy. Every time he shows up, I think “Oh damn… the good guys are in trouble!”. Thank the gods, Marek’s powers (and confidence) are growing steadily. She is going to need them to take this dude down.

mythica iron crown 2Here is what I was not so wild about. Adam Johnson is putting his heart and sole into the role of Thane, but the script he is given here makes him a self-conflicting character. Is he a badass, sword-swinging warrior or a borderline obsessive romantic who only cares about his love for Teela? Sure… it is possible for a character in a fantasy universe to be both. It has been done before. I just couldn’t get into the way they have him fighting for the good of the world one minute, then raving like a lunatic about Teela’s spirit being inside Marek the next. I just felt like his personality is constantly bouncing around and it made it hard (in this particular installment of the series) for me to care about his character.

I also felt like the creative team took a small step back, when it came to the feel of the film. In the third film, “Mythica: The Necromancer”, there was a darkness that was not as prevalent in “The Iron Crown”. Instead they went a more campy/funny route, which I enjoyed in some ways, but I felt like it broke from the progression of the first three movies. Not a big complaint, and a lot of fans will probably welcome the more lighthearted vibe. I just loved the feeling of “Necromancer”, and was hoping for more of the same. Oh… and I missed Nicola Posener! Yes she shows up, in the film, but only for a few minutes. I understand the need to have her character’s death drive certain themes of this film and the next one. I just really liked when she was getting a lot of screen time and it was a team of four, facing off against evil.

With all of that said I did, once again, really enjoy watching the new Mythica film. It had some wonderful action sequences, some pretty funny moments, and of course Marek one of the better female protagonists ever to grace a fantasy series. It also continues to blow my mind how good the production of these films are, on a limited budget. It is really impressive what these guys manage to put on screen! Was this my favorite installment, of the series? No, but it was a fun watch. I am really excited to see how they wrap up the franchise in “Mythica: The God Slayer” which is (as of this writing) being funded on Kickstarter, and due for release at the end of 2016.





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