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Mother. Of. God… What did I just watch? I am not a fan of writing reviews, in which I trash the movie. I try to find things to like, in every movie I watch, and take into account limitations that the creators faced (shoestring budget being the main one). Once in a while, though, comes a film that I just cannot find any redeeming quality in. “Lake Eerie” is one such film. Much like 2015’s award winner for biggest, hot pile of garbage “Muck”, “Lake Eerie” is neither good, nor “So bad, it’s good”. Instead it is a horrible mixture of wooden acting, a script that seems like it was written by a 80 year old with dementia, and a shameful appearance by Lance Henriksen, who seems like he is drunk and just there for a paycheck (although how much could they have paid him?).

The plot of “Lake Eerie” centers on Kate (Meredith Majors who is also the writer). She moves into her new house, by the lake, in hopes of healing from the death of her husband (Ben Furney) and creating some art. Right away, Kate’s neighbors begin weirdly coming over, and looking over her shoulder, into her house. Kate takes the bait, and begins asking questions about why people are so freaked out, by her new home. The answers she gets are about the previous owner Harrison (director Chris Majors), who disappeared, while researching artifacts in Egypt.

lake eerie 3Meanwhile, Kate is being harassed, by spirits that dwell in the house. It starts with the good ol’ horror cliches of ominous whispers and creaky doors opening and closing, by themselves, and escalates from there. Then her “Crazy old woman next door” neighbor (Betsy Baker) brings over her millennial, hipster great niece, who is obsessed with Harrison and the house he once lived in. Then… You know what? I am going to stop there, because I just realized what a huge waste of time discussing the plot, any further, is. Basically, they poorly rip off a few elements of “Insidious”, throw in a pg-13 lesbian scene for “Sexiness”, and limp to what is possibly the most anticlimactic ending of all time.

I get having a micro-budget. I get that this was probably a labor of love, for the Majors, and they probably worked their asses off making it. It is just that, if you are going to make something this cliche-filled and awful, just go all the way to making it a self-aware, spoofy type of horror film like “Birdemic” or a practical effects driven gore/shock fest like “Headless”. Either of those would have made better movies than whatever “Lake Eerie” is. And, don’t even get me started, on how “Eerie” has a better IMDB rating than excellent indie horror flicks, like “Darling”. I mean has everyone gone insane?!? The only positive thing about this movie is that you could get some friends together, have a few drinks, and do an MST3K style viewing, where you just crack jokes the whole time. Otherwise just avoid it altogether .







    Hey, I like the movie. “Lake Eerie” offers deepening suspense instead of gory horror. More intriguing than scary, there are no cheap loud jump-scares to dispel the darkness. Good-enough acting creates believable characters as the mystery of the haunted house unfolds. It keeps me watching and leaves me with a taste for more. The crafty niece and the creepy aunt are just beginning to show their true colors and intent. I give the film a solid 7 and I applaud a family affair that lives up to its name – eerie enough for a sequel.

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