Review: “Intruders” Is A Blueprint Of How To Create A Story Grounded In Reality While Still Being Sensational



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Anna (Riesgraf) suffers from agoraphobia and has just recently lost her brother; her last remaining family member and the one that took care of her all her life. When her fear of the outside becomes so crippling she can’t even attend her brother’s funeral, Anna finds herself at home when three men break in and begin searching for a large amount of money they know to be stashed somewhere inside. Once the three men find Anna and take her captive, they quickly find out that agoraphobia is not her only psychosis.


While “Intruders” follows the basic outline for any horror movie, the way they fill it in was most interesting to me. Where we would normally get a helpless woman that is attacked by three over-the-top masculine men and somehow finds a way out of harm’s way, writers Cimfel, White, and director Adam Schindler take a realistic approach that flops the gender norms and tells a complete story. I’ve grown so tired with the way women are written in most of this genre’s films because they are turned into set pieces; things to trip up the antagonists or scream really loud and clumsily try to escape. In this film, however, Anna is strong, smart, crafty, and more villainous than the actual villains. Yes, we have a character like Perry (Starr) who walks around and bashes birds with a hammer, is constantly trying to find an excuse to kill Anna, and has no problem with anyone dying as long as it isn’t him, but the terror he creates is physical whereas the terror Anna creates is psychological; rendering their brute strength useless and breaking them down slowly.

Don’t get caught up in guessing what’s going to happen, and don’t get discouraged when some of the outcomes are altogether predictable. The point of this film is not to fool you, not to scare you with loud noises or something jumping in front of the camera unexpectedly, or to build the tension with music. The point of this movie is to show you that anyone can be put in harm’s way and that when you do it in a realistic way, you don’t have to rely on cheap gags to make the appeared lesser advantaged character come out on top.

This isn’t the best horror movie I’ve seen, and I didn’t need it to be. It is, however, a step in the right direction for the genre and a blueprint of how to create a story that can be grounded in reality and still be sensational.

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