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I think we can all agree that the first two Insidious movies were far from cinematic masterpieces, but they were fun, sometimes creepy, and delivered some memorable images. Unfortunately Insidious 3 – a prequel to the series focused on psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) – offers none of those things, but instead re-purposes characters and scenes from the first two films while adding nothing to the franchise.


When a teenage girl, Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott), shows up on Elise’s doorstep asking for help to reach her mother who passed away, Elise lets her into her house immediately and begins trying to talk to her dead mother but stirs up another spirit that will haunt Quinn for the rest of the film. The reason this scene makes no sense is because once the demon is released and following Quinn around, Elise says how she told herself she’d never do this line of work again (because a spirit, The Bride In Black, said she’d kill Elise) yet she didn’t hesitate to risk her own life just to reach out to a stranger’s mother? After the demon begins wreaking havoc on this young girl’s life, Elise again retires; not returning to help Quinn until much later in the film (after she’s been terrorized and physically injured by this entity). What a bitch.

Then there’s Quinn’s father, Sean (Dermot Mulroney) who from the first scene on is a one-dimensional boob that yells at everyone (including his children) for seemingly no reason. Whenever his daughter is attacked by the demon, he simply checks on her and then leaves her alone again and goes back to bed. Oh! This is a good time to mention that Quinn was randomly hit by a car so that she’s crippled for the whole film. How did I forget to mention that? Anyway, yeah, her father is an ass that tries to be a dad for brief moments through the film but apparently is so wrapped up in his own grief that he can’t remember to try to protect her (at one point telling her to lean out the window of her room to see that the “person” that was in her room fell and died; that’s when a demon tries to grab Quinn and throw her out the window and kill her).

If this review seems all over the place, it’s because this film is. It’s a bunch of scenes with no creepy moments that ultimately leads to nothing. They do, however, try to tie it into the previous films by showing how Elise and the ghost hunters originally began working with each other. You know, that part of the story we were all deeply interested in?

You may be saying, “It’s a horror movie. It’s supposed to be cheesy as long as it’s scary,” and I’d agree with you. The problem is, what are you left with when there’s nothing scary, no interesting images that stay with you after the film ends, and characters that act as if they were thrown into an improv group and told to try to create a story? You’re left with Insidious 3. Really the Godfather 3 of this trilogy.

I will end with one more disappointment: No Tiny Tim’s ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ in this one. Dammit!





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