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Joe Foster (Lucas Neff) is a horror movie junkie. One of his favorite games to play is saying what your favorite death scene is in any movie from the genre and then he will change the rules and mention The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones. His perfect night consists of drinking, smoking pot, and doing anything that to get that rush of adrenaline that you can only get from being terrified. The only problem: it takes a lot to scare him. That’s where a company called “Fear, Inc.” comes in. Fear, Inc. caters their real-life horror experience to their client’s specific needs. Need something more than jump scares? They’ve got you covered. Instead of the cheap thrills you get from a haunted house, this company will actually break into your house, kill your friends and neighbors, and keep the show going until they’ve decided you have had enough. The problem? If you’re expecting them to show up and someone else does, playing along could prove to be deadly.

Along with his girlfriend, Lindsey (Caitlin Stasey), and their friends, Ben and Ashleigh (Chris Marquette and Stephanie Drake), Joe is about to get the scare of a lifetime when he calls “Fear, Inc.”, forgets about it after they said they couldn’t help him, and then finds himself participating in his own horror movie: starting off with a news anchor on the television saying Joe killed his friends, his neighbor, and is still on the loose. While everyone else is scared to death, Joe can’t get enough of it. He gets especially giddy when he watches as a masked man stabs his neighbor on the street in front of him (done in the style of ‘Scream’) and he realizes the game is on. It’s hilarious to watch him as he tries to dictate the group’s every move, somersaulting from room-to-room, and purposely leaving doors unlocked so the killers can get in and really make things interesting. It isn’t until he finds himself in a live version of “Saw” and he’s forced to kill one of the people in his group that the reality hits him that maybe this isn’t what he thought it was.

Using callbacks to horror movies that came before, director Vincent Masciale and writer Luke Barnett have created a horror comedy for die hard fans of the genre. It’s fun to watch certain things go on and try to remember which movie that had happened in; it creates a game inside the movie watching experience that tests your horror film knowledge. The thing that impressed me most with this movie though is the way in which the comedy and horror are equally balanced; that’s a hard thing to do that even top-notch horror comedies like “Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil” seem to have an issue with at some point. Luke Barnett turns in a strong script that lets the viewer in on what’s going on and then messes with the narrative to the point where even those watching the movie will begin to question what’s actually happening and what isn’t. It makes for an enjoyable experience that will have you laughing and trying to figure out what’s going on at the same time.

You can rent “Fear, Inc.” on Amazon and I suggest you do so immediately as it’s a good film that shouldn’t slip through the cracks.






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