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So, let’s say you meet someone. Eventually that someone becomes THAT someone, as you fall in love and move in together. Then… one day… they disappear without a trace, leaving you to wonder what happened and if they are even alive. That is the situation David (Aaron Paul) finds himself in, in Zack Whedon’s thriller “Come and Find Me”.

Waking to find that his girlfriend Claire (Annabelle Wallis) is gone, David at first figures she just went out to run errands. As the hours pass, and the phone calls go unanswered, David begins to worry that something has happened to Claire. After failing to track her down, he goes to the police for help and soon begins to realize he may never see his love again. Flash forward a year, and David still has no answers, and the police have all but given up their search. Then, David gets a random visit from one of Claire’s college friends that ends with said friend tearing apart David’s house and knocking him unconscious.

come-and-find-me-2As any normal person would after an experience like that, David begins to believe that maybe Claire wasn’t exactly the “Girl next door”, amateur photographer she said she was. He launches his own dangerous investigation, and begins to put the pieces together, but not without constantly getting himself into life-threatening situations in which he is far outmatched.

Paul’s portrayal of an everyday guy, who is in over his head but willing to brave danger for the woman he loves, is the best thing about “Come and Find Me”. He is not an ex-Navy SEAL, nor is he an avid survivalist with weapons training. He is a graphic designer who just wants to find some answers, about the love of his life. Even when he decides to take action and fight back he looks awkward doing it, which makes him more relatable to people like me. Would I go looking for my wife if she disappeared? Of course. Would I get myself killed, if she were involved with some truly dangerous people who would kill to find any information on her? You bet. That is also David’s charm. He should NOT be doing what he is doing (and he is told as much by every assailant he comes in contact with), but he will be damned if he is giving up on Claire.

There are moments when Paul’s perpetually confused/scared expression becomes a little old, but Whedon does something very clever. He peppers in flashback sequences of David and Claire’s relationship, injecting his thriller with a bit of romance. These scenes also serve as a peek into the mystery of who Claire really is, and give us and David clues that were hidden in slips of the tongue or manic outbursts by Claire. These are the moments where Paul and Wallis’ abilities shine. Their chemistry and the sweet relationship it helps portray make us care about the characters and their plight, and help to ease the obviousness of some of the thriller elements in the plot.

“Come and Find Me” is by no means a film that breaks new ground or redefines the genre. It is mostly straight forward, and often predictable. It is however well-acted, well-paced, and entertaining. Zack Whedon should be proud of his debut film, and you should check it out.




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