Review: ‘Bloodsucking Bastards’ Is the Comedic Bloodbath You’re Looking For







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Bloodsucking Bastards is a horror-comedy that will definitely earn its fair share of comparisons, but ultimately manages to stand on its own two feet and deliver an enjoyable experience. Evan works for a corporation alongside his best friend Tim (Kern) and his head-of-H.R. girlfriend Amanda (Fitzpatrick). When his boss hires from outside the company and brings in his college nemesis Max (Pascal) instead of promoting Evan, his life feels like it’s hanging on by a thread – and maybe it is. As their co-workers begin acting strange (and some even disappearing), it’s up to Amanda, Evan, and Tim to get to the bottom of it and save the company from more than just dipping numbers.

This movie isn’t going to blow you away or be the best thing you’ve seen this year, and it doesn’t have to. It’s perfect for what it is: an interesting cast of characters dealing with vampires in an office setting. It’s packed full of dry humor and perfect deadpan deliveries that will have you laughing the whole way through while also throwing in exaggerated violence and bloodshed. It takes the best parts of the horror genre and comedy genre and melds them together while never taking themselves too seriously. Yeah there are plot holes, story lines that don’t really go anywhere and therefore are unneeded, and a character that sticks out like a sore thumb, but all of that is easily forgivable when you find yourself enjoying the film as a whole this much.

The acting is great, the action is fun, and the movie is an entertaining bloodbath that you should all go out and watch. I defy you to not start saying, “Bam,Snap!” by the end.





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