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When a group of cops get a distress call, they journey to an abandoned Police building to help out any survivors. Once inside, they realize that they’ve entered into the mouth of Hell and turning back is no longer an option.


When I saw the trailer for this film, I was expecting to see a blood-spattered affair that would attempt to gross me out more than it would entertain. Fortunately I was completely wrong and what I got was an interesting (albeit bloody) horror film that wasn’t content relying on scenes and scare tactics the genre keeps regurgitating; truly taking the viewer on a terrifying trip into what one can only assume Hell is actually like. Using intense imagery that borders on being too hard to watch, director Can Evrenol brilliantly balances the line between entertainment and going for the shock effect. One misstep and this film could have completely put me off, instead it kept me engaged the entire time and, while it’s a disturbing depiction of each character’s personal Hell, it felt like the time went by really quick. It’s also one of those movies that will get people talking. What’s really going on isn’t as clear cut as some American moviegoers have come to expect, so each person that views it will leave with a different theory and a different reaction.

Like I said above, this film loves it’s violent scenes. A man gets his head crushed in with a mallet, another has his eyes cut out, and if I’m not mistaken I definitely saw someone get raped by a pack of demons. Unlike A Serbian Film before it, ‘Baskin’ never wants to take that extra step and completely gross out the viewer and that’s a good thing. Because they aren’t afraid to show some creepy, odd, and downright disgusting things, however, there will definitely be those that will not want to return to this movie after viewing it (or might not even make it all the way through). For those that love the genre though, this movie will no doubt become a cult classic that many will say, “You just have to see it”. When I was younger, “A Clockwork Orange” was the film you couldn’t believe people hadn’t seen; ‘Baskin’ will be that film for this generation.

While not everything about this film was perfect, it’s respectable that this was Can’s first feature film as he clearly didn’t shy away from telling a bold story with intense imagery. I would definitely recommend checking it out just because there are things in this film you definitely won’t see anywhere else. If this is what Hell is actually like, I need to atone for my sins.

‘Baskin’ is a Turkish horror film that is currently available On Demand.





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