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‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is three different short films brought to life by three directors and a team of five screenwriters. The end product feels very much disjointed as instead of showing these three films in their entirety, they decide to continuously break up the action of each narrative by hopping to the other two in the middle of all of the action. Trying to be like anthology films that came before it (V/H/S and ABCs of Death), this movie fails to follow in their footsteps when it comes to what they got right while also not improving on anything they already did. Right when you start to get into one of the stories, you’re thrown back into one of the other ones and it takes away from the effectiveness of all three.


While watching the film, I thought maybe I just wasn’t catching what was tying them all together. I thought maybe I kept missing the plot point of them being in the same town, wondering when one story’s character would pop up in another one so that I could say, “Ah, I get it now”, and hoping that William Shatner’s character – a radio DJ that loves his booze – wasn’t supposed to be what was making the transitions between stories smoother for the viewer. While Zoé De Grand Maison turned in a compelling performance, and George Buza’s turn as an elf-zombie-killing-bad ass Santa was fun to watch, the rest of the film was lackluster and failed to even so much as poke fun at its self, let alone do anything interesting with the two dynamic plots of Christmas and horror stories.

There is a fun twist at the end of one of the stories, and it actually made me think, “Well I guess that wasn’t so bad”, but it wasn’t enough to make me recommend this movie to anyone I know. Look elsewhere for your Holiday scares, and hope that ‘Krampus‘ — who is a featured character in this film as well — is a much better Christmas horror movie.





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