‘Prevenge’ Is All About Postpartum Depression and Murder



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Ruth is seven months pregnant, and has spent seven months being a widow. Her husband died in a rock climbing accident, but Ruth and her unborn daughter — who is telling her what to do from the womb — don’t believe it was actually an accident but, instead, murder. The fact that these horrible human beings who didn’t save her husband still walk the earth and go about their normal lives has driven Ruth to the extreme of getting revenge as she sets out to make all of them suffer for what they’ve done. If at any time she starts do doubt what she’s doing, her daughter is right there to assure her that these actions are necessary. That she will not feel normal unless she carries out her plan of getting revenge on everyone that had something to do with killing her husband.

Alice Lowe wrote and stars in ‘Prevenge’ which is also her directorial debut, and what a strong debut it is. A multi-layered, violent story that doesn’t hold back and has no fear of showing that despite being an evil version of herself, Ruth may be justified in her actions. An eye for an eye kind of thing, and in one situation a literal thing. There were six people involved, and all six are about to come face-to-face with a very angry mother and a very persuasive unborn child.

The most interesting part of the film, for me, was how Ruth feels after having murdered someone. Battling with what she knows to be is right, yet doing something that she would have never even imagined seven months before. It’s an interesting conflict she battles with throughout the picture, and by the end Alice Lowe lets the viewer make up their own mind on how they view Ruth by presenting the facts and the fractured psyche of the main antagonist through flashbacks and conversations with her unborn child.

Throats are slit, eyes are gouged out, and body parts are cut off. This film isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is for those that love creative and interesting horror stories.  Just know going into it, you won’t know who to think is truly at fault as the information given is as unreliable as its source. That’s half the fun though: coming up with your own theory. “Prevenge” is one of those films and stories that begs to be talked about while also bringing up a very real threat in postpartum depression and giving a glimpse at what it can be like at its most extreme.

Alice Lowe is known to fans of the genre from her writing and acting in Ben Wheatley’s “Sightseers” and “Prevenge” is the film that will solidify her as one of the brightest voices working in horror today. A moody, tense, violent revenge film that hits all the right notes while showing off the talents of its creator.

You can stream “Prevenge” on Amazon Prime through the “Shudder” app. 




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