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Whenever we think about the future, we think of everything as being better; more advanced. We think about clones, about how death will no longer have a hold over us. We often imagine that we will live forever on a world that will never go away and everything we could possibly imagine is right there at our fingertips. In “World of Tomorrow” the future is quite a lot like we would imagine, just not as perfect. Yes, we found a way to prolong life for hundreds of years, our dead relatives will be able to come back to life in the form of robots — albeit not really close to what they were like in human form — and instead of the internet, we now have the outernet, but for as good as it all seems, there are still problems. Huge, terrible problems.


Young Emily Prime is visited by her future self. Emily Future tells her about all of the technological advances and about how some of them aren’t perfect (like time travel that either throws you into the atmosphere to die or takes you back too far into the past to live out the rest of your days). In Emily Future’s present, cloning is the new best thing and falling in love with a rock isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Emily Future is trying to explain the horrors and beauties of what’s to come, but all Emily Prime cares about is shapes, colors, and how funny everything looks in the future.

The short film is only fifteen minutes long but it manages to pack in equal parts comedy and social commentary. Despite the terrifying reality of the future this film presents, you find yourself laughing as Emily Future describes to Emily Prime that the stars are actually lower income people who tried to escape the world before it died off and how a shooting star is actually their body bursting into flames. Don Hertzfeldt has always been an animator that knows how to get the most out of his scripts while his characters are typically stick figures. When the writing is this strong, however, you almost forget you’re watching an animated film altogether because of how invested you get into what’s going on on the screen. By the end of this short film, Emily Future’s reason for visiting her past self is beautiful despite the horror that surrounds the rest of the story.

The reason I’m recommending this film (aside from how much I liked it) is because it’s one you may just pass up, and that would be a shame. Find this brilliant piece of animated work on Netflix and then go to YouTube to watch some more of Don’s incredible and hilarious animations.





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