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Well, it appears that this is Ellen Page week, here at The Film Philosopher. This will be the third review, of a film starring Ms. Page, on the site, this week and given that she has become a versatile, well-rounded actress that is completely fine with me. This review is on “Tallulah”, a debut feature film, from writer/director Sian Heder, that showcases a reunion for “Juno” stars Page and Allison Janney. “Tallulah” even has some similarities, in story, to “Juno”, but make no mistake; you will find very little of the quirky humor of the latter, here. What you will find is that these two actresses play very well off one another, regardless of the tone of their roles.

In “Tallulah”, the titular character (Page) is a rough around the edges, free-spirited, young woman, who is living, with her boyfriend (Evan Jonigkeit), out of her van to avoid the trappings of a normal life. When Nico leaves her, to head home to New York, she decides to chase after him and get some answers. But, when she is mistaken for a made, and left with a child by a drunk, irresponsible mother (Blanchard) she has a change of plans, and takes the baby. Her motives are pure in that she is concerned for the child’s well-being, but soon she realizes that she can’t necessarily provide a better life for the little one. With nowhere else to turn, she takes the child to Nico’s mother’s swanky Manhattan apartment, and asks for help, claiming that the child is Nico’s.

tallulah 2Margo (Janney) reluctantly takes them in, and slowly the three develop an unorthodox, but touching, bond. Margo is picking up the pieces from her broken marriage, Tallulah (or “Lu”) is running from the police and from her own insecurities, and well… the baby just needs someone to care for her. Even given the illegal and dishonest beginning to their situation, the two women both grow a great deal as does the grief-stricken mother, who evolves into something more than just a selfish lush who regrets having a child.

Heder’s capable direction and script gives Page and Janney everything they need to shine, and shine they do. I am really impressed, with Ellen Page. Each time I see her, in a film, she seems to be a more complete actress. That is most certainly true here, as she gives possibly her best performance yet. The supporting cast is strong as well, and





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