Netflix Recommendation: “Finders Keepers” Is A Documentary That’s As Hilarious As It Is Sad



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“Finders Keepers” is a bizarre story of how one man lost his leg and another man tries to capture fame by being the one who found it. Ever since he was a child, Shannon Whisnant’s dream was to be famous: to make people laugh, to be in front of the cameras, to be a household name. Now middle-aged, Shannon buys objects that most people would toss away without thinking twice but he’s able to double his money by selling them to the locals. When he purchases a storage unit, Shannon finds a human leg inside a smoker and thinks he’s finally found his ticket to Hollywood.

John Wood is a veteran, a family man, and a drug addict. Pleasing his father has never come easy but it’s what he’s tried to do since he was a kid. When John, his father, and two other relatives crash their plane, it proves to be fatal for John’s father and leaves him without one of his legs, a crippling painkiller addiction, and the sense that he could have somehow saved his father but didn’t. Falling on hard times, John’s possessions end up in a storage unit and when he defaults on the payment it allows Shannon to come in and buy all of it up; leg included. What follows is the story of two men who both claim the leg is theirs (and both are technically right) and how Shannon wants to turn it into fame and fortune while John wants it so he can finally put the past behind him.


This film is full of characters that you would swear were written. They’re almost too animated, too caught up in what this crazy story became, and seemingly become parodies of themselves the longer the film plays out. Directors Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel, however, allow all of these people to tell their own stories, their own versions of what’s going on, and allow you to see the story from every angle. At times you can see where Shannon’s coming from and what his motivations are, and other times you think of him as just a terrible human being that’s trying to capitalize on someone else’s loss. No matter who you side with while watching this story play out, both have their moments of glory and both have their moments of getting what’s coming to them. One moment Shannon is on the news, making t-shirts declaring himself “The Foot Man”, and even getting vanity plates for his car, and then the next moment his marriage is starting to fail, he’s completely unhappy, and he’s being made a fool of on reality television. It’s odd the way both men’s stories play out, however: while one is getting attention and fame, the other finds his life almost cursed to a point.

This is one of those documentaries you have to see to believe and even after watching, the whole thing still seems bizarre and exhausting. Credit to the directors: the way in which they edit this film keeps their cast of characters from becoming too tiresome, too cliche, and too evil to root for and keeps you entertained the whole way through.

“Finders Keepers” is currently streaming on Netflix so if you’re looking for a documentary with a lot of personality and an insane story, this is the one you want to track down.





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