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When Cleo’s estranged sister, Sophie, is murdered in a public restroom, she will stop at nothing to bring the attacker to justice. While she puts herself in dangerous situations and takes her anger and sadness out on anyone she even suspects had something to do with her sister’s death, Sophie’s attacker is actually someone incredibly close to Cleo and is also the person pointing fingers at everyone else.


‘Darkness On the Edge of Town’ does not want you distracted by who committed the crime in question so they show you that it’s Cleo’s best friend Robin within the first ten minutes of the movie. The main focus of the film is not who did it, but why, and what led up to the events that ended up taking place. Writer and director Patrick Ryan creates this dark world full of colorful yet seedy characters and fully fleshes them out so that they feel authentic and almost justified in the way their ruining their own lives. Some of the most interesting conversations in the film involve characters that you only meet for a brief moment but that could have easily been the centerpiece of the movie. The emotional weight of the story is counterbalanced (and supported) by an ethereal soundtrack that is so drastically different in tone than what is happening on the screen that it’s almost a shock to the system while also heightening the tension in every scene. While we get scenes of brutality and violence, we also see gorgeous frames of moving art as the cinematography makes the film as captivating as it is.

Emma Eliza Regan (Cloe) and Emma Willis (Rose) are two up-and-coming talents that both play emotionally taxing roles you won’t soon forget. While Regan’s character carries the burden of lead on the film, Willis’s turn as Rose is one of the better villains in recent memory as she steals every scene she’s in. Ryan gets you emotionally involved, causes you to make up your mind about these characters, and then forces you to question those feelings by later revealing the whole situation through scenes from the past. A lot of films try to do this (jump back-and-forth in time in order to create a larger narrative) but very few succeed like this one does on every level.

“Darkness On the Edge of Town” is currently streaming on Netflix so don’t waste any more time and go check it out.





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