Netflix Recommendation: “Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)” Is An Anti-cautionary Tale About Teen Sex



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Teenage sexuality is not a new topic, in the world of movies. It has been portrayed harshly in films like “Kids” and “It Felt Like Love”, and humorously in “American Pie” and other films of that sophomoric nature. In her debut feature film “Bang Gang”, Eva Husson does away with the “Cautionary tale” and opts instead to show her teenage subjects having constant, indiscriminate sex, with little to no life-altering consequences. As you can probably guess, this is NOT a movie you will have an easy time watching, if you have one or more teenage kids living at home.

The sexual tone of “Bang Gang” is set immediately, in the film’s first scene. The camera drifts wonderingly, through a large house, as techno music plays in the background. In each room, naked teenage bodies are seen in every position and male/female combination imaginable. The sensory overload doesn’t last long, though, and we are flashed back a couple of weeks, to when these kids were a bit more innocent (that’s right… it only took a couple of weeks for them to get to “Let’s have an orgy” level).

bang-gang-2Alex (Oldfield) and Nikita (Hotier) are best buds, who spend all of their time getting high, watching a mixture of women’s gymnastics and porn, and trying to sleep with as many girls as possible. Fortunately (and unfortunately) for them, Alex’s mother is away on business, and leaves her beautiful home in Alex’s care. What better way to hook up with countless girls than bringing them to your mansion, getting them drunk, and suggesting a dip in the pool?

The two girls currently in the boys’ sights are the shy, virginal Laetitia (Broom) and her sexpot, Bardot lookalike friend George (Lima). Alex quickly seals the deal with George (while Laetitia watches with a sort of terrified interest), and predictably stops answering her texts and phone calls. When George walks in on Laetitia losing her virginity to Alex, at a party, she decides to get back at them both, by playing a hardcore game of “Dare” with the rest of the people in attendance.

Calling the game “Bang Gang”, things quickly go from semi-innocent to an all out, drug and alcohol-fueled orgy. When Alex realizes the popularity and sexual stimulation he can gain, he makes “Bang Gang” parties a regular occurrence. Nothing lasts forever, though, and soon the game begins to change everyone involved, for better or worse.

Using dreamlike cinematography from Mattias Troelstrup , and an equally trippy electronic score from White Sea, Husson creates an interesting look at the anger and betrayal that inevitably arrive, when the drugs wear off and the kids are left looking at the people who were supposed to be their trusted friends. Husson takes an interesting turn away from films like “Kids”, in the final frames of her film. Instead of a life-threatening STD or multiple teenage pregnancies, her characters are left with more of an enlightenment. With their lessons learned, and lives headed towards bright futures, they all talk about “Bang Gang” as more of a dream than a risky act of defiance.

While it certainly won’t be for everyone (or even most), “Bang Gang” is a strong debut, for Husson. Yes, the morality of the story is compromised by the lack of harsh consequences. Yes, some viewers will be angered by the almost encouraging look at adolescent promiscuity. But, there is a moral to Husson’s story. You just have to look for it.



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    Robert Moore

    The movie is very #”risky”. There was a lot of sex¡((probably nc-17ish))! But it also had a positive’N’sexy ending. I would give
    @ ( 8.5☆:10) in all honesty . Me and my wife enjoyed it.

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