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Can Netflix please stop making bad comedies? One after another, I see the unfunny likes of Adam Sandler and Kevin James on the featured spot, and it’s beginning to drive me insane. I am left scratching my head, wondering why, when they have the major studios on the ropes, Netflix is pulling their punches and investing huge amounts of money into low-brow, unoriginal comedies like The Ridiculous 6 and True Memoirs of an International Assassin. That is the case however, so I try to find the silver lining. The upside is that I get to write scathing reviews of each of these awful things that Netflix call comedies.

“Naked” is Netflix’s new original comedy, and it stars Marlon Wayans as Rob Anderson, a man that wakes up on the morning of his wedding naked and trapped in a hotel elevator. He ends up in jail, and misses the wedding, but wakes up the next day naked again… and back in the same elevator. Then begins a seemingly endless, one-joke time loop, where Rob relives the same day around a million times. He tries every way possible to overcome obstacles, like a disapproving Father-in-law (Dennis Haysbert), his bride to be’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend, and the fact that he only has one hour each day, and successfully get married to the woman he loves (Regina Hall).

Wayans, to his credit, gives it his best and is the film’s only real bright spot. The rest of the cast are fine too; they just have so little to work with. I don’t think I ever cracked more than the tiniest of grins, after any of the jokes. Basically it’s like the creators of this movie took Groundhog Day and  Meet the Parents, threw them in a blender, and hit puree. They just forgot to sprinkle in the humor. They had a much worse script than either of those movies, and tried to make up for it my making the main character naked.

“Naked” is not the worst movie ever. It’s not even quite as bad as the previously mentioned Sandler and Kevin James movies, but it’s also not a good movie. It’s an unfunny, lazy comedy that hopefully doesn’t do too much damage to Wayans’ career.





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