“Frankenstein Created Bikers” Is Everything You Could Ask For In An Exploitation Flick



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Thank the grindhouse gods! The Impalers are back from the dead and badder than ever, in writer/director James Bickert‘s new film “Frankenstein Created Bikers”. The horror genre has seen more than its fair share of throwback homages to the days of drive-in, exploitation flicks, over the last few years, but few if any have done it as well as Bickert. He delighted horror hounds with “Dear God No!”, back in 2011, and he returns in even finer form for the sequel.

“Frankenstein” picks up pretty much right where the first film ended. The hellish biker gang called “The Impalers” have been resurrected by the mad scientist (Paul McComiskey) they previously terrorized. Armed with the serum that keeps them alive, the doctor forces Jett (Jett Bryant) and his gang to do his bidding with the aid of his right hand man Klaus (Laurence R. Harvey). Unfortunately for the boys, everyone and their cousin are out to get revenge for the countless atrocities the Impalers have committed. Their group of would be executioners includes the beautiful but equally deadly Val (the one and only Tristan Risk) who is dead set on blowing up every Impaler she can get her eye on. They also have to contend with Bigfoot, the living head of the doctor’s daughter (Madeline Brumby) and the lovely, blonde captive Candy (Ellie Church) who is slowly losing her sanity while crawling through the bowels of the doctor’s grotesque hideout.

“Frankenstein Created Bikers” was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Bickert pulls out every nasty, bloody, boob-filled trick in the book, and the result is one of the more entertaining movies to come out of the indie horror scene in years. Ladies Church and Risk are every bit as amazing as I have come to expect, and play their respective roles perfectly. The rest of the cast is solid as well, and the practical effects (including one of the greatest head crushings I’ve ever seen) are a sight to behold.

This movie, along with “Dear God No!” and others like it, is pure fun from beginning to end. Although this movie is not for the easily offended, I would strongly suggest watching it to any fans of horror, exploitation, or just plain crazy, balls-to-the-wall fun movies. “Frankenstein Created Bikers” is literally a greatest hits mashup of everything there is to love about grindhouse, and that is completely fine with me.




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