“68 Kill” Is A Woman-Fueled Bloodbath



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“A woman calling the shots. I like it. If you ask me, there should be a few more of us in the world”Liza


Women, murder, sex, guns, and comedy. Five words that perfectly sum up Trent Haaga’s new film “68 Kill”.


The central character, Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler), is a sucker when it comes to women in his life. Quick to do anything they say, he finds himself in a relationship with the dominant Liza (AnnaLynne McCord) who is about to turn his life upside down. Liza is an escort in order to pay the bills and one of her clients decides to try to impress her by flashing 68,000 dollars in front of her face. Unfortunately for him, Liza feels that money would be better off in her possession so she convinces Chip that they should break in, steal the money, and skip town. Not one to disappoint his girlfriend, Chip goes along with the idea and quickly finds out that his new girlfriend (who he says he loves but never hears it said back) is a murderer, a thief, and has no problems kidnapping people; and now he’s tied up in it with her.

While Chip is the character the audience is meant to relate with while everyone else is piling up bodies, he is ultimately just a pawn that the female characters move around in the larger game of coming out on top. He has one thing they all want — a lot of cash — and they offer the one thing that controls all of his decisions — sex. While we follow him from point A to point B, it’s the women doing all of the dirty work and exposing that men are simple creatures with one track minds.

Liza is the self-proclaimed “Queen Bitch” who has the ability to be everywhere at any time and has no problem offing anyone that stands in her way. Violet (Alisha Boe) is the girl Liza and Chip kidnap the night of the robbery and she’s also the one that Chip ultimately ends up falling for. Then there’s Monica and Amy (Sheila Vand and Hallie Grace Bradley): two backwoods women who are as violent as they are vile and act like psychotic teenagers who have been left home alone and are able to act out all of their fantasies. All four women eventually cross paths with Chip and have a profound effect on him for different reasons. While Violet tries to convince him he’s more than just someone’s property that they can control, the other three women expose the fact that he hasn’t come to terms with that yet and the end product is a bloodbath for the ages.

’68 Kill’ is a movie where you don’t need to worry about how so many people are dying and no one’s getting caught for it. You don’t need to worry about how characters can find each other no matter where they go in order to push the story forward. You just have to strap in and enjoy the ride; and it’s one helluva ride.

’68 Kill’ is currently in theaters and on V.O.D.




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