31 Days of Horror: “Where Is Robert Fisher? (2011)” Is Scarier Than Fiction



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We’ve all heard a lot of horror stories, seen scary movies, and had our imagination make certain scenarios much more terrifying than they actually were. It’s the stories that are true though that are the most horrifying out of all of them, and the documentary “Where Is Robert Fisher?” is no exception. Robert Fisher was a family man, a church-going man, was in the Navy, was a firefighter, and his last job was as a nurse in a hospital. He seemed to have it all: a great job, a loving wife, Mary Cooper, and two healthy children (a girl and a boy: Brittany and Bobby). To the outside world, he couldn’t have had it any better, but under the surface he was trying to fight back a lot of demons and slowly losing that battle.


On the morning of April 10th, 2001 the Fisher house exploded into a ball of flames. Inside the home were the bodies of twelve year old Brittany, ten year old Bobby, and Robert’s wife Mary; still in their beds but with their throats slit (almost to the point of decapitation) and Mary also had a gun shot wound to the head. Where was Robert Fisher? Nobody knew and that mystery has still yet to be solved. Taking his wife’s car and his dog, Robert pulled out a couple hundred dollars from their bank account the night before and seemingly disappeared. Director Charlie Minn interviews detectives that originally worked on the case and those that took over years later. He sits down with family members and news anchors and uses archival footage to give viewers a glimpse of what may have led to this triple homicide; a truly heinous crime. Here was this father that did everything right in public but was a much more sinister person behind closed doors. Minn slowly pulls back the curtain on the family’s private life and we see that Robert was a controlling husband who was emotionally unstable and not very good with his children.

Viewers also see that the marriage was much worse than anyone was willing to talk about. At one point Robert had cheated on Mary with a masseuse which led to a venereal disease and ultimately caused the couple to enter marriage counseling. There are also suspicions that he was having an affair with another woman whose identity is unknown but who could have possibly helped him escape after he committed the murders. The documentary goes through every possible scenario: from Robert having killed himself to him possibly living in Mexico under a different identity. Because there ultimately isn’t an answer, us as the viewer gets to hypothesize what may have happened and where he may be at this very moment.

The reason this documentary is so terrifying (aside from the despicable murders) is because this man could possibly be your neighbor, your boss, your family friend. He could be anywhere. He could strike again. He is on the FBI’s most wanted list and yet he appears to be a ghost that people have seen for a moment but then disappears again. “Where is Robert Fisher” is not only a great documentary, it’s also a damn good question.

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