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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No not Christmas… October! That wonderful little month, when all of the leaves change, the air has a crisp, cool feeling, and for 31 days I (and all of you who are like me and love horror films) get to devote all of my free time, to watching scary movies! Having already decorated the entry way to my dwelling, and gone out and bought my first round of Halloween-based snack foods, I am all set and ready to bring you a month’s worth of bloody horror films, both new and old. So… without further ado… let’s get this nightmarish party started!

When one thinks of Holland, it doesn’t usually inspire feelings of terror. Rolling hills, and the windmills that dot them, are the most common images associated with the sub-sea level country. Tough to make that scary, but that is exactly what writer/director Nick Jongerius set out to do, with his film “The Windmill Massacre”. The crazy part is… he mostly succeeded.

windmill-mass-4Running, from her troubled past, in Australia, Jennifer (Charlotte Beaumont) is living, as a nanny, in Holland. When it is discovered that she is using an alias, and the police are called, Jennifer runs and ends up on a guided tour bus. She is accompanied, by a handful of other tourists who each come from different corners of the globe, and each have their own set of circumstances that led them to this point. Right away, we get the sense that everyone on board this bus has some issues (Jennifer herself is prone to violent hallucinations), but hey… they are on vacation so let the tour begin!

They don’t get far into the tour, though, before the bus breaks down. This is where the film dabbles with cliches, for a bit. So… of course the bus cannot be fixed, and of course nobody has cell service, and of course it is revealed that Jennifer has psychological issues and cannot be trusted. It isn’t long before our group of inconvenienced travelers being making poor decisions of the “Let’s split up and look for help” variety. Then, THANKFULLY, our killer shows up. He is huge, ugly, and wielding a scythe!

Unfortunately, for the group, Jennifer is the first to see “The Miller” (kind of a silly name for a psycho-killer but whatever). Being as she’s the supposedly crazy one in the group, nobody believes her and the body count begins to pile up. By the time the group realizes they are all there for a reason, it may be too late to devise a plan to take down the Jason Voorhees-esque killer, before he dices them into bloody bits.

windmill-mass-3Aside from the previously mentioned cliches, I really quite enjoyed “The Windmill Massacre”. The acting, cinematography, and special effects were all above average. Ms. Beaumont does a good job as the “Final girl” of sorts, and Noah Taylor, Patrick Baladi, and Adam Thomas Wright all give good supporting performances. There are some really cool kills, and a couple of fun twists to keep your mind working, amidst all of the gore and chaos. Will this movie be on my “Best of” list, at the end of the year? No. It is a tasty treat to kick off the Halloween season though! “The Windmill Massacre” will be in theaters and on demand, on October 25th. Just in time for your scary movie marathons!



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