31 Days of Horror: “The Greasy Strangler”



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Once in a great while, there comes a movie that has only one goal, in it’s morbid mind; to offend all of your senses and do it in an entertaining fashion. Writer/director Jim Hosking and co-writer Toby Harvard certainly made that their mission with “The Greasy Strangler”, which was one of the more talked about midnight films at Sundance this year. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch the morbidity that Hosking has put on screen, let it marinate in your soul, and try your hardest to get the imagery out of your head, once you go back to your normal life.

Big Ronnie (Michael St. Michaels) and Big Brayden (Sky Elobar) are a strange, dare I say enormously fucked up, Father and son duo. They live together, eat horribly greasy food together, and run the family business (a tourist-trap, disco tour of LA) together. There is only one thing Ronnie does without his son; cover himself in grease, and go around strangling the life (and eyeballs) out of anyone who he dislikes. Then he hops on over to the local car wash, walks through naked and filthy, and comes out clean as a deranged, saggy whistle. Outside of that, their days are mostly filled with ridiculous, profanity-filled shouting matches and the least healthy diet you can possibly imagine.

greasy-strangler-2When Brayden finally works up enough confidence to go out, without his dad’s domineering presence, he meets Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo). The two begin to date, but soon Janet’s gaze falls upon Ronnie… and his huge, hideous penis (don’t worry it’s a prosthetic… well still worry but know it’s fake). With the extra free time, Brayden decides that, instead of sitting in his room listening to his dad’s disgusting love-making sessions with his ex, he will investigate the local murders.

“The Greasy Strangler” is an experience. It isn’t a movie you can really discuss, in depth, with your friends (or anyone else for that matter). Every ounce of it is dead set on attacking your brain, and it never… ever lets up. I honestly don’t know which is more upset my retinas or my stomach. With that said, “The Greasy Strangler” is immensely entertaining. It’s just that it is entertaining in a “Horrible murder scene involving a decapitated clown” kind of way. I don’t know what kind of audience will make this into a cult classic, but I know that is it’s destiny. Repulsive, lowbrow, obnoxious and WTF?! are all things that come to mind. There is so much repetition in the script I wanted to throw my remote through the tv. This movie is repulsive! Just so much so that “The Greasy Strangler” will undoubtedly have a long, infamous run as a gross out masterpiece. greasy-strangler-3

I don’t know if I recommend watching it. I don’t even know whether or not I enjoyed it. I do know, however that this is a movie I will not soon forget… for better or worse.




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