31 Days of Horror: “The Evil in Us”



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A group of friends get together, at a cabin, in the woods, on an island outside of Seattle, for a fourth of July celebration. Starting to sound like something you’ve seen… oh maybe a hundred times? How about if I throw in, that they are all in their 20s, all of them (save for one) are entitled a-holes, and a few have past romantic entanglement issues? Starting to see that familiar old pattern? Don’t get me wrong; I am a huge fan of many “Cabin in the woods” slasher flicks. The simplest of horror plots can please me, as a viewer, as long as it is done really well or there are one or two fresh spins on things.

Brie (Debs Howard, and the only likeable character), goes, with her boyfriend and a group of his old friends, to his parent’s island cabin, to party it up for the 4th. On their way, they stop, at the typical run-down gas station, to openly mock some of the locals and stock up on supplies. Then it’s off to the woods they go! None of the “Friends” get along, and there are even some unsettled issues between some of them. Nevertheless, shots are poured, toasts (really weird ones) are made, and ooh! Somebody brought a surprise! COCAINE!!!!

evil-in-us-3Unfortunately, this isn’t the same white, powdery party favor the kids are used to. You see, a strange, mysterious political group has laced it, with a substance that causes would be party people to go all zombie-cannibal crazy. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong, as Brie (the only person who opted out of drug use) is chased around the island, and forced to kill or be killed.

There is another plot line, about an investigator trying to figure out where the drugs came from, but I am not going to waste my time or yours. The point is… this movie is not good. It seemed like writer/director Jason William Lee didn’t know if he wanted his films message to be one about the true nature of humanity, the government being evil, or some kind of D.A.R.E. add. evil-in-us-2

There are a few fun kills, and a sort of interesting ending, and like I said before Debs Howard gives a pretty good performance. I think Lee did do a good job at using his limited budget to create some good practical effects. The big issue is that, outside of Brie, you don’t care about any of the other characters because they are sucky people. The are obnoxious, vapid, and have no chemistry with one another. I guess, on the plus side, that does add an extra layer of relief each time Brie offs one of them.




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