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I love a good body horror/creature feature! What self-respecting horror fan doesn’t? The sub-genre, popularized by Mr. David Cronenberg, has produced several good to great entries, into the horror universe. There is just something about the thought of our own bodies changing and mutating, into something insidious, and us being unable to stop it, that is inherently terrifying. It has become increasingly difficult, for directors, to put any kind of new spin on body horror. There have been a million different variations on Vampires, and zombies, and head-exploding mind control. It just seems like it’s all been done. Once in a while, though, a fresh, fun take on the body in revolt flick comes along. One such film is Toby Wilkins’ 2008, indie-horror thriller “Splinter”.

Seth (Costanzo) and Polly (Wagner) are on a getaway camping trip, for their honeymoon. The plan is to lay back, relax, and make love under the stars. Don’t worry though… this is no “Cabin (or tent) in the woods” scenario. The lovebirds’ trip is quickly spoiled, when they are carjacked, by criminal couple Dennis (Whigham) and Lacey (Kerbs). After the car breaks down, Dennis forces Seth and Polly to go to a gas station, for coolant and supplies. The group soon discover, that the employee who is supposed to be working the counter is actually a mutilated corpse, crumpled up on the bathroom floor.

splinter-2When the splinter-covered body reanimates, it attacks Lacey, making her a prickly abomination as well. The remaining three realize, quickly, that they are in for a fight. Locking themselves in the gas station, they scramble to figure out what these things are, and how they can kill them.

I really liked “Splinter”, for it’s originality. Yes, it owes a huge debt of gratitude, to John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, but with it’s great practical effects and character driven story it stands on it’s own. Each character actually evolves on screen, instead of just being basic, horror cliches, and you actually find yourself giving a damn about whether or not they too become part of the porcu-zombie clan. Toby Wilkins does a good job at utilizing every minute, of his films 88 minutes, and as a result the story never lags.

All of this is not to say that “Splinter” is some kind of “Let the Right One In” level masterpiece. It’s not. It is a fun creature feature though, and an impressive accomplishment in low-budget movie making. Put this one on your “To watch” list!




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