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Don’t look now, but exploitation flicks are making a huge comeback! With movies like “Dear God No!”, “Father’s Day”, “All Hell Breaks Loose” and the upcoming “Frankenstein Created Bikers” coming out, over the last few years, the grindhouse style films that were so popular during the 70s are, once again, at the forefront of indie horror. “She Kills” is Ron Bonk’s take on the genre, and it is a pretty damn enjoyable one.

she-kills-mainAfter a gang, called “The Touchers”, kills Sadie’s (Jennie Russo) husband (Kirk LaSalle), on their wedding night, they turn their attention to Sadie. The leader of the gang, Dirk (Trey Harrison), is all set to have his way with Sadie, when something strange happens. Suddenly all of the Touchers begin acting like the most primitive form of man imaginable. Beating their chests, and whooping, and grunting they take turns humping the hell out of poor Sadie, while going full cannibal on her dead husband.

When the gang wake up from their psychotic episode, they realize what happened and get out of dodge. Traumatized and scared, Sadie seeks help, from beautiful mystic Casparella (Niecy Cerise), who tells her that her “Fire crotch” is cursed and will only cause her and her lovers pain. Desperate to rid herself of this vaginal curse, Sadie agrees to let Casparella perform a ritual. The only catch is that she can never again have sex with a man; if she does, the man will die a violent death. That works just fine, for Sadie, as she plans on using her deadly woman parts to exact revenge on the Touchers.

“She Kills” has everything you would expect, from a wacko, grindhouse feature. Boobs, buckets of blood, weird laser fights, and dance montages (that went on a little long for my taste but was still funny) are all present. Bonk and crew do a great job, at recapturing the feel of 70s exploitation, by throwing every weird idea they collectively had and throwing it all in a blender. The result is a campy, gory, fun ride. There are a few gags that drag on a bit, and I felt like the movie could have been cut down by about fifteen minutes. It will also not be for everyone, as there is quite a bit of offensive language (mostly referring to women’s genitals) and obviously a lot of over the top violence. Then again, if you read the title of the film, and see the poster, and choose to give it a watch you should know what you are in for. If you are cool with that, give “She Kills” a watch. It is currently on Amazon video and other on demand outlets.





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