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Whenever I find a horror movie on Netflix that’s rated 4 1/2 stars I’m usually pretty excited. I wonder how I had never heard of it seeing as how every horror film gets watched in my house, but I’m happy to have found it and start the movie with high expectations. With “Road Games” it’s not that it’s a bad movie; it isn’t. It’s just that it doesn’t really go anywhere and definitely doesn’t do anything in exciting fashion. Writer/Director Abner Pastoll drops you off on the side of the road along with main character Jack (Andrew Simpson). Jack is trying to hitchhike back home but with a serial killer on the loose that’s killing motorists it’s a lot harder to get a helping hand from any of the locals. When he meets up with fellow hitcher Véronique (Joséphine de La Baume) the two start an instant friendship/relationship where they become protective of the other; they’re definitely going to need to stick together if they’re going to survive the murders seemingly catching up to them. Getting a ride from a helpful stranger, Grizard (Frédéric Pierrot), the pair stay at his house until they can find a way to get back to Jack’s home, but something doesn’t feel right about Grizard and his wife Mary (Barbara Crampton). 

One of the glaring issues in this movie is Barbara Crampton’s acting. While everyone else delivers pretty strong performances, hers sticks out like a sore thumb and it’s pretty distracting. I’ve actually liked her in other movies (‘You’re Next‘, ‘We Are Still Here‘) but for some reason in “Road Games” it’s like she’s never been in front of a camera before and it completely throws off the feeling of every scene she’s in.

Like I said before, there’s nothing wrong with the plot, there’s just nothing really memorable about it either. By the time I finished the movie I was left with a feeling of, “Okay. I’ve watched a movie.” I’d rather hate it, honestly, at least then it would have made me feel something. A lot of my “blah” view towards it does come from the fact that I had the mystery of the film figured out pretty quick. I’m not one of those people that tries to figure out what’s really happening or even one of those movie watchers that claims I knew from the very beginning no matter how crazy the twist, I just happened to mention what I felt was really going on and then I was right. Makes the ‘slow-burning mystery’ aspect of it lose all of its tension as I’m waiting for them to tell me what I already know.

“Road Games” is currently streaming on Netflix so it’s free to watch. I would say give it a shot. Maybe it just didn’t strike a chord with me, but that doesn’t mean others won’t like it. I liked most of the characters, just wish they would have been given something interesting to do.






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