31 Days of Horror: “Patient Seven” Felt More Like A Good TV Show Than Movie



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“Patient Seven” is the new horror anthology from Terror Films that boasts nine directors and fifteen writers all telling separate stories that are connected to one another but have their own distinct style. Set in the Spring Valley Mental Hospital, Dr. Daniel Marcus (Michael Ironside) is working on his new book and requests to interview six different mentally ill patients that are all dangerous and interesting in their own way. Getting to the bottom of what makes them the way they are, Dr. Marcus will realize they are all uniquely insane but one common thread ties them all together.


A fun film to watch during this haunted holiday season


While the actual interview process between Dr. Marcus and the patients feels repetitive and mundane, the stories and scenes of how they came to be a patient at the hospital are interesting and brilliantly blend different styles of horror films into one anthology. You get a schizophrenic mother (Amy Smart) trying to kill her daughters, a serial killer (Alfie Allen) that gets guilted into attending a Halloween party despite having a wrapped up dead body he’s trying to bury. There’s also a zombie outbreak, a haunting, and a vampire hunter. While it sounds like it would be all over the place, director Danny Draven does a good job at keeping the chaos in order and screenwriter Barry Jay is tasked with bringing it all together in the end and making these pieces fit with one another; delivering a palatable climax that doesn’t feel cheap.

My only critique of this film is I feel like it would have worked a lot better as a television show. Each story could have been its own separate episode; allowing enough time to really tell a complete story each week. As it is, since the film itself is only two hours long, the stories kind of feel rushed through and I found myself wanting to spend more time with one story than another — which I suppose is a good problem to have.

While “Patient Seven” doesn’t do enough to be considered a ‘can’t miss’ horror film, it definitely held my interest all the way throughout and is a fun film to watch during this haunted holiday season.






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