31 Days Of Horror: “Jack Goes Home” Will Make You Question Your Own Sanity



Title: Jack Goes Home
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Yale Productions is an independent feature film company that is dedicated to putting out high quality films, and if “Jack Goes Home” is any indication of what we’ll receive from them in the horror genre, then we are all in for a very special treat. Jack (Rory Culkin) learns that his parents were involved in a car crash and while his mother (Lin Shaye) escaped with minor injuries, his father was killed brutally and quickly. Needing to go home to be with his grieving mother and help pick up the pieces of a life his father left behind, Jack is also about to become a father himself — when one life ends, another begins. Mix in bouts of violent sleepwalking, an infatuated neighbor, and a dark family history, and you have a recipe for disaster that will serve as the driving force of this film.

What I loved about this film is what will no doubt drive a lot of people crazy. The further you get into the film, the more Jack’s grieving begins to manifest in different ways; causing things to happen that don’t ever get answered and seemingly happen out of nowhere. In this story it’s a thin line between what’s reality and what is Jack’s inability to maintain his own sanity, and that is where a lot of the tension comes from in the film because you’re never quite sure what’s going on and the possibilities of what could happen are endless. “Jack Goes Home” is one big journey into a man’s psychosis and coming out on the other side of it unscathed is not an option.

Rory Culkin delivers a perfectly sociopathic performance. I found myself wanting to feel bad for this character because he was dealing with such a heavy tragedy, but it’s hard for himself to even grasp what’s really going on, leaving no room for sympathy. What I loved most about Culkin’s performance is he stays true to the character throughout, making every decision Jack makes feel authentic and natural. With such a grounded character, the world around him is allowed to completely crumble, and even though Jack is our protagonist, he’s also an untrustworthy narrator and so the fun of the film comes from when you have to decide if this is a character you hate or will ultimately side with.

For the first half hour of this film, I was left wondering how it was going to be considered in the horror genre. Just wait for the scene with the attic; that is when all hell begins to break loose and this goes from a typical drama to one of the craziest movies I’ve seen in a long while. By the end of the film I was left questioning my own sanity and that’s the highest praise I can give.





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