31 Days Of Horror: “Fun Size Horror: Volume 1 and 2” Streaming On Hulu





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Want to watch a ton of horror movies in under an hour and a half? Now you can. “Fun Size Horror: Volume 1 & 2”, a collective of filmmakers each putting their own spin on what the horror genre looks like to them, are both streaming on Hulu and deliver bit-sized short films that will make you scream, laugh, and cringe. Fun Size Horror was created by Zeke Pinheiro in order to get filmmakers that didn’t have a platform to show their work a chance to thrill audiences in a short amount of time; the finished collection is a grouping of creative short films that, at the very least, show that the genre has a lot of talented voices waiting to break out.

While a few directors have films on both volumes, there is a distinct difference between the two. Volume one feels more like a project — an idea that is just getting started — where volume two feels like a much more polished piece. Where volume one had moments that were strong, volume two comes out swinging and hits on every story. That could be because the first volume has a lot more movies to show — keeping most of them under the three minute mark — and the second volume of movies are longer in length and can actually take their time telling a complete story. There are familiar faces in both: actress Tracie Thoms (Love) makes an appearance on both volumes, as does director Ned Ehrbar, whose films “Bitter” and “Playing Dead” may be my two favorite stories out of all them. The second volume also brought in actress Karen Gillan who wrote, directed and starred in “Conventional“; a short film that made the rounds on social media when it first came out and is a tough-to-watch depiction of one woman’s desperation to be famous again. Both volumes have their entries that are borderline ridiculous but that’s what makes them stand out: “Happy Birthday” on volume one about a young girl getting a new puppy and her older dog not being too friendly and “Pillow Fright” on volume two: a story of what would happen if the pillows fought back. That’s what’s fun about this collection though: you never know what you’re about to see.

Don’t have a streaming service such as Hulu or Amazon? Don’t worry: you can go to the project’s website and watch all of the short films there. It’s also a great place to catch their new movies and keep tabs on when projects are set to come out. While I didn’t love every movie that was included in “Fun Size Horror”, I did love that each entry is creative in its own way and allowed me to experience multiple different sides of the horror genre in one viewing. If you’re looking for a grab bag of terror: Fun Size Horror is the anthology for you.





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