31 Days Of Horror: “Freaks Of Nature” Is An Insanely Fun Experience





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Dillford. A small, quiet town. Just like any other town you may have been to but with one small twist: it’s a place where humans, zombies and vampires all live together. They’ve found a way to coexist; vampires teaching at schools, zombies doing the jobs no one else wants for much lesser pay, and humans making delicious riblets made out of god knows what. Everything is going swimmingly until there is an alien apocalypse on the horizon and every group starts pointing fingers at the other. When all hell breaks loose, it’s up to three teenagers — Dag the human (Nicholas Braun), Petra the vampire (Mackenzie Davis), and Ned the zombie (Josh Fadem) — to come up with a way to stop the aliens from destroying everything and uniting the townspeople once again.


One thing is for certain: this movie is an insanely fun experience. Packed full of comedy from the likes of Patton Oswalt, Denis Leary, Bob Odenkirk, Josh Fadem and Keegan-Michael Key — and more action than I was expecting, writer Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street) still found a way to mix in fully fleshed out characters and a lot of emotion. It’s the perfect blend of all three genres that raises what could have been nothing more than a B-movie into one of the more enjoyable movies I’ve watched in a while. It’s always weird when two characters are having an emotional scene and then a vampire explodes — spraying blood all over both of them — but that’s what makes this movie so much fun: you never know what to expect. Like watching a character get attacked by a group of zombies and then hilariously narrating the pain he’s going through and which body parts the zombies are focused on, or realizing that Werner Herzog voices one of the aliens and quotes a Billy Joel song thinking it’s something written by one of our greatest philosophers and the townspeople violently disagreeing.

Despite everything about the description of this movie screaming “campy”, director Robbie Pickering delivers something so much more polished that takes itself seriously when it needs to and lets loose the rest of the time. Usually when you have this many different styles in one film it feels like they went out of their way to jam it all in, but Pickering makes sure that the flow of the movie carries on without a hitch and everything feels natural; despite the story being the furthest thing from it.

If you’re looking for laughs, blood, action, drama, and Billy Joel quotes, this movie has it all. It would be a shame if you missed out.






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