31 Days Of Horror: “Better Watch Out”



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When Deandra (Virginia Madsen) and Robert (Patrick Warburton) head out for the evening, to attend a Christmas party, they leave their son Luke (Levi Miller) in the hands of their trusted long-time babysitter Ashley (Olivia DeJonge). Luke is a typical, wide-eyed 12 year old boy. Spending most of his time playing video games with his pal Garrett (Ed Oxenbould), and planning his strategy of getting to second base with Ashley before she moves away to college, Luke hopes that the holiday spirit and a scary movie are enough to land him his first experience with a girl. Unfortunately, before Luke can even try to get his first kiss, he and Ashley realize that there is someone outside the house who is intent on making their holiday evening a terrifying one.

“Better Watch Out” is a blast from beginning to end. Filled with a perfect blend of scares, laughs, and twists, it is a safe bet that it will become a holiday classic for all horror fans. DeJonge and Miller deliver pitch-perfect performances, and should both be headed into genre stardom. The two stars help take Chris Peckover and co-writer Zack Kahn’s screenplay to places I did not see coming, and as soon as I felt confident I knew where things were headed the movie would take another delightful turn into even darker territory.

That is about all I want to say about “Better Watch Out”, as I think that the more blind you go in the more you will enjoy it. I will say that I loved it, and consider it one of the better horror films of the year. Some may take issue with the tonal shift about half way through, but I for one applaud the filmmakers for taking the risk and steering the movie in the direction they did. It is a fun, bloody treat that I will most definitely be revisiting during the Christmas season.




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