31 Days Of Horror: “Amigo Undead” Was A Pleasant Surprise



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Just because it’s the month of halloween and everyone is doing whatever they can to scare others and themselves doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun. If you want a break from all the screams and jumps of conventional horror movies “Amigo Undead” is exactly what you’re looking for. Starring Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) and Randall Park (The Interview) as brothers Norm and Kevin Ostrowski, the movie is a comedic take on demon possession and what would happen if you were stuck out in the desert with people you didn’t like, fighting for your life.

Kevin was adopted at a young age and his brother Norm is a constant screwup. The two couldn’t be more opposite so that is why they barely speak to each other. When Norm calls and says he has diabetes and he just wants to spend his birthday with a few friends and his brother at his new place, Kevin finds it hard to come up with a reason to say no. Once there, Kevin finds out his “new place” is really just a camp site in the middle of nowhere and his friends are really just his drug dealer, Ian (Josh Fadem), his racist mailman Wayne (Michael McCafferty), and his landscaping partner Jovan (Ed Galvez) who doesn’t speak a word of English but does have hot dogs in an Easter basket for some reason. When Jovan chokes on one of his own hot dogs and dies, the guys decides to bury his body in the desert and hope no one comes looking for him. What they didn’t realize was that he was going to get possessed by a demon and try to get his revenge on the group.


Hilarious takes on the attack strategy from Home Alone, shots fired at found footage horror films, and commentary on political incorrectness are just a few of the things you’ll find yourself laughing at in this movie. If you think it will be all fun and games, there’s also decapitation, body dismemberment, exploding people, hatchets being lodged into skulls, and the vomiting of blood. It’s the perfect blend of horror and comedy and unlike horror comedies that have come before it, “Amigo Undead” does not overstay its welcome, clocking in at a quick hour and twenty-four minutes.

While every character in this movie is likable in their own way, Ian was easily my favorite. Josh Fadem took the “stoned character” that we have seen plenty of times but made it hilarious and not over-the-top clueless…just the right amount of clueless. Scenes like where the group is trying to come up with a good explanation for how Jovan took bullets, stopped breathing, and yet is still coming after them and they say maybe Ian gave him PCP and moments later Ian says, “I don’t have PCP”. Or when they tell him to make a molotov cocktail but he does so with a plastic bottle so once he throws it it just puts itself out. It’s the first time the “dumb character” was one that I could have watched a whole movie based around and that’s credit to Fadem’s comedic timing.

A movie that I almost passed up based off its poster and short description on Hulu, I couldn’t be more happy that I decided to watch “Amigo Undead”. A perfect comedy for this halloween season.

Amigo Undead is currently streaming on Hulu. 





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