Brian Williams

“Space Babes From Outer Space” Is Something New (But Equally Awesome) From Brian K. Williams And Scott Schirmer

Holy Asteroids! Space Women!!! Bandit pictures takes a break from it’s focus on original, unflinchingly raw horror, to bring something a little lighter (and bustier) to their fans. Brian Williams and Scott Schirmer are th...

31 Days of Horror: “Time to Kill” (2014)

We are almost to the half way point, for our 31 Days of Horror, and David, Michael P., and I are running into a bit of a problem. We are getting increasingly low, on new horror films to watch. To remedy this, I decided to look ...

Review: “Plank Face”

The folks at Bandit Motion Pictures are doing something very important. Folks like Scott Schirmer and Brian Williams, who are having a banner year in 2016 with the release of both “Harvest Lake” (Review here) and no...