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“Personal Shopper” Is A Multi-Layered Independent Gem

After watching “Personal Shopper” — an erotic psychological thriller starring Kristen Stewart — it was obvious why Olivier Assayas won best director at the Cannes Film Festival. What he created is a comp...

Review: “Microbe and Gasoline” Marks the Return of Gondry’s Whimsical Brand of Genius

  When I think of Michel Gondry, my mind usually goes straight to his incredibly imaginative elements of fantasy, in works such as “Science of Sleep” and “Mood Indigo”. The French filmmaker is a mas...

Review: “The Purge: Election Year” Is Proof the Idea Has Run Its Course

When James DeMonaco’s first Purge movie came to a theater near me I was genuinely excited to go see it. From the trailer, the film looked to have a promising premise and creepy visuals that would at the very least enterta...