Joel Edgerton

“It Comes At Night” Is A Moody Psychological Thriller That Will Appeal To A Specific Audience

A24 has carved out a niche of delivering films that rely heavier on their message and symbolism than they do content. Where your big budget films feel like they have to constantly have something going on, the films A24 picks up...

Review: “Midnight Special” Doesn’t Answer All Of Its Questions, But It Doesn’t Have To

A young boy, Alton Meyer (Lieberher), with special powers that goes on the run with his father, Roy (Shannon), to escape a cult that believes he’s a god and the government that thinks he’s a weapon. They must get hi...

Review: “Jane Got A Gun” Is A Ho-Hum Affair

Jane Hammond (Portman) marries outlaw Bill “Ham” Hammond when she believes that her fiance Dan Frost (Edgerton) has died. The Gang that Bill is a part of, The Bishop Boys, and their leader Colin McCann (McGregor), d...