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Posted April 22, 2015 by MikeD in Action

Last Knights – One amazing cast + one dull and predictable plot = one average fantasy/action movie


Written by: Michael Konyves and Dove Sussman

Directed by: Kazuaki Kiriya

Starring: Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman, Aksel Hennie, and Peyman Moaadi

Bartok (Freeman) a wealthy nobleman, decides to take a stand against the corruption and greed that plague his lands. He refuses to bribe the monstrous minister Gezza Mott (Hennie) and is thus executed for disrespecting the emperor’s right hand man. As a result, Bartok’s first in command Raiden (Owen) drifts into an alcohol drenched depression for a year. However the time comes for revenge and Raiden and his men devise an elaborate scheme to avenge their master’s death.

This was a pretty big let down for me. I saw the cast, and figured it had to be good. Right? Not so fast, optimistic self! This movie is full of issues. To begin, this is supposed to be a sword-swinging fantasy epic, yet we are given no context to work with. The world (or universe) in which the film takes place is vague to say the least. Oddly, it seems like director Kazuaki Kiriya was in a big rush to get to the WAY too long second act which features nothing more than showing how sad and self-destructive Raiden becomes after his master’s death. To put it bluntly, the middle hour or so is down right boring. So much so that by the time you get to the somewhat ridiculous but also pretty entertaining final act, you have stopped caring.

“Last Knights” can be summed up easily. Generic world where generic heroes fight generic villains and make generic speeches about honor. There are some decent performances, and as I said before the action scenes in the end are fun. It’s just that none of that saves this movie from how boringly vague and bland the story and it’s setting are. Too bad, so sad.



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