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Posted October 24, 2015 by MikeD in featured

June – A movie that is as equally good and bad as it’s titular character


Written by: Sharon Y. Cobb and L. Gustavo Cooper

Directed by: L. Gustavo Cooper

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Victoria Pratt, Kennedy Brice, and Eddie Jemison

If you are even a little familiar with the horror genre, you know there have been more than enough “Possessed child” films over the years. From the good (“Carrie”, “The Omen”, Firestarter”) to the bad (“The Last Exorcism”) there is no shortage of movies about evil, little kids wielding supernatural powers. The newest entry into this sub-genre is L. Gustavo Cooper’s “June”.

The plot is simple and familiar. June (Brice) is taken by a cult, at birth, and made into a human vessel for an ancient, malevolent spirit called “Aer”. Flash forward nine years, and June is living with a not-so-loving foster family. As Aer’s powers begin to manifest, in June, her bullyish foster parents and anyone else who dares to mistreat her are subjected to their destructive capabilities. Basically… you don’t want to upset this girl.


When June is placed into the new, more love-filled home of Dave (Van Dien) and Lily (Pratt) her dark side takes a vacation, but not for long. Soon Dave and Lily begin to realize that they got more than they bargained for. With the cult chomping at the bit to get their hands on June and finish what they started, and social services worker Victor Emmanuel (Jemison) working to assure that, that happens Dave and Lily must protect June… and at the same time protect themselves from June.

“June” is a something of a mixed bag. Neither great nor terrible (which makes it a tad difficult to write a gripping review of it), it lands somewhere in between in the land of “Meh”. While the plot is formulaic and the script and special effects ho-hum, there are things to like here. The acting, most notably by Victoria Pratt and Kennedy Brice, is solid. In the hands of less capable performers, “June” most likely would have been something you would see on the Scifi network around 2AM. But, with a couple of strong performances and some really gorgeous cinematography by Ryan Patrick Dean, “June” ends up being a pretty watchable cult/possession film.

june poster

One thing I will warn you about is the misleading poster for the film (shown above). “June” has many elements but “Slasher” is not one of them. In fact, whenever she flexes her supernatural muscles, the results are not really gory or even particularly frightening. Probably the scariest thing in the film is when her eyes go black and her voice sounds like the phoenix form “X-Men 3”. All in all “June” is decent but not terrific. Worth one watch.



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