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Posted October 9, 2015 by MikeD in featured

Honeyspider – A terrific, throwback Halloween flick


Written by: Kenny Caperton

Directed by: Josh Hasty

Starring: Mariah Brown and Frank J. Aard

Jackie Blue (Brown) is having one hell of a semester at school. She’s got a huge assignment due, her parents are separated, she’s got work to worry about, and all of her friends keep bugging her to come out on Halloween (which also happens to be her 21st birthday). Well, things go from bad to worse, when she starts seeing a strange symbol, accompanied by huge spiders, everywhere she goes. If her creepy professor has anything to do with it, her birthday plans will be the least of her worries.

Josh Hasty, with the help of writer Kenny Caperton, has created a tasty Halloween treat for lovers of the slasher films of old. After watching about five minutes of “Honeyspider”, I was convinced that I was watching a horror flick straight out of the 80s. It was pretty damn impressive! A strong lead performance by newcomer Mariah Brown, some nice gore effects, and a great score round out this high quality (and super low budget) indie horror.


The last scene of the film is filmed in beautiful black and white, which was a nice contrast to the color drenched look of the rest of the movie. Really I enjoyed every bit of “Honeyspider”. Some will be frustrated by the open-ended finale, but I loved it! Sometimes it’s okay to not have all of the answers. I can easily see this film being one of those “We gotta watch it every Halloween” types. Bravo to Hasty and crew!




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