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Posted March 14, 2015 by MikeD in Comedy

Hits – David Cross hates Youtube… and the talentless, famous people within


Written and directed by: David Cross

Starring: Matt Walsh, Meredith Hagner, David Koechner, Jason Ritter, James Adomian, Amy Carlson, and Michael Cera

David Cross is one of the most intelligently hilarious people on the planet. He is a famous stand up comedian, has been on a number of television shows (most notably “Mr. Show” and “Arrested Development”), and even written multiple books. He is hugely successful. Don’t think for a minute though that he didn’t work for it. He honed his craft for years before breaking through, and gaining fame. And, what fame he has achieved, he has most assuredly earned. It is important to keep that in mind when watching his directorial debut film. A film which he uses to beat on the thousands of people who have gained seemingly instant fame by making an ass out of themselves on Youtube.

Viral video “Talent” isn’t all Cross aims his cynicism at. He also picks on hipster Brooklynites and small town simpletons. Nobody in his own movie escapes his wrath. It is both what makes the movie entertaining, but also will alienate many viewers (although that may be the point).

Dave Stuben (Walsh) is a furiously outspoken citizen who is at war with his town’s city council. Among many other things, he is angry about the large pothole on the street in front of his house. His daughter Katelyn (Hagner) is a vapid, talentless, Barbie doll who is obsessed with reaching stardom via “The Voice”, and will do anything to get an audition. It is Dave though who unintentionally gains overnight fame when a video of him being escorted out of a town hall meeting goes viral. The video attracts the attention of a group of vegan, hipster Brooklynites who decide to head upstate and fight for Dave’s cause. Basically we end up with a town that becomes a human cesspool of righteous indignation and simple minded dullards. Cross then just sits back and shoots his fish in the barrel.

The movie is funny (The ending took me totally by surprise and made me laugh out loud). It is especially funny if you happen to loathe the stereotypes that are being made fun of. Not the comedic laugh fest I expected, but for a debut film I thought it was good.



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