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Posted July 10, 2015 by MikeD in featured

Headless – A truly deranged slasher that will be too much for most… and just right for a few


Written by: Nathan Erdel and Todd Rigney

Directed by: Arthur Cullipher

Starring: Shane BeasleyKelsey Carlisle, Ellie Church, Dave ParkerMatt Keeley, and Kaden Miller

In 2012, director Scott Schirmer gave indie horror fans something to rave about with his micro-budget, teenage serial killer flick “Found.”. In that film, there was… well another film. It was in the form of a VHS tape dated 1978, and it was named “Headless”. Well, thanks to a little crowd funding, That movie in a movie is now a reality. And, it is a sick, twisted, depraved, gory, bucket-of-blood mega slasher.

Directed by Arthur Cullipher, “Headless” is the tale of a boy (Keeley) who is horribly mistreated and abused at the hands of his mother and sister, to the point where he snaps and goes extremely homicidal. Flash forward to him as an adult (Beasley) and he is still up to the same gruesome things. Taking cues from an imaginary kid with a skull for a head (Miller), choppin’ off heads (and also violating them), and generally just having some good ol’ psychotic fun.


That is about as far as I will go into the plot. While the story is fine and works as a vehicle to drive the purpose for all of the killing, it is the amped up violence and superb gore affects that are really the showcase of “Headless”. Cullipher and crew clearly wanted to show people a slasher film with absolutely no boundaries, moral or otherwise, and they succeed with flying colors. It takes a LOT to get me to squirm uncomfortably in my seat, while watching a movie, but “Headless” succeeded at it at least three times. Putting it in the company of such infamous films as “Salo”, “Antichrist”, and yes… “A Serbian Film”.


Most people would not be able to handle watching (much less enjoy) “Headless”. To it’s credit, it laughs in the face of rules and boundaries, and I love it for that. Any time I see a movie that pushes limits to an extreme, I am a fan. And, a lot of people who are a rare breed like me will love this film. To those of you sensible folk, that like cuddling up with your significant other and watching something like “Jurassic World”, stay far far away from “Headless”. You have been warned.



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