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Posted April 22, 2015 by MikeD in Drama

Flutter – A sad, yet touching story about a Mother’s love for her child


Written by: Eric Hueber and Tony Franklin Jr.

Directed by: Eric Hueber

Starring: Lindsay Pulsipher, Glenn Morshower, Johnathan Huth Jr., Charles Halford, Reis Myers McCormick, Jesse Plemons, and Charles  Baker

JoLynn (Pulsipher) loves her son Johnathan (Huth Jr.) more than anything else in the world. After her husband David (Plemons) abandoned his wife and son, to go on a music tour, JoLynn is left in a run down house in the Texas backwoods. She has no money, no real support system, and a mother-in-law who has plans to take Johnathan from her one way or another. She must deal with all of this while also tending to Johnathan’s severe glaucoma, which she medicates illegally with marijuana instead of the prescription meds from the doctor. Living in extreme poverty and on the edge of the law, JoLynn will do whatever it takes to keep her son with her.

“Flutter” is almost exactly what it sounds like (key word, almost). It is heartbreaking and at times the weight of the film and the situation of the Mother and son are almost too much to bear. Director Eric Hueber gives his audience little breaks from the bleakness though, by giving us glimpses of Johnathan’s wild imagination in which he fearlessly battles giant sea monsters. We are also treated to a bit of comic relief in the form of JoLynn’s friend Curtis (Halford). It is the central story of a mother’s struggle to provide a healthy and happy life for her beloved son that drives the film though. JoLynn will do anything… ANYTHING to assure that her baby boy is provided for. At times this proves impossible (the electricity and water both being shut off), and outside forces threaten to remove the child from the visibly depressing situation, but JoLynn’s spirit is never fully broken.

“Flutter” has a well-structured story, some incredible cinematography by Philip Roy , and wonderful performances by Pulsipher, Huth Jr., and Glenn Morshower as the well-meaning but stern grandfather. You are instantly pulled in by the characters and their plight. For a debut feature film, “Flutter” is quite impressive.




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