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Posted May 13, 2014 by MikeD in Comedy

Filth – “Same Rules Apply”

Well,… I just finished watching “Filth”, and I am still a little speechless. For whatever reason, I am a person who is especially effected by movies. It’s why I love them so much. I have some strange ability to suspend disbelief and really get drawn in to films and their characters and stories. “Filth” directed by Jon S. Baird, and starring James Mcavoy and Jamie Bell, is an emotional roller coaster of a movie. It is at times hilarious, unsettling, and deeply saddening.

    I won’t go to much into the plot. That is not my style with movies like this. One can easily see, from the trailer, that it focuses on Mcavoy’s character (detective Bruce Robertson) and the debauchery of his lifestyle as a sociopathic, bipolar member of the Scottish police force. That is all you will want to know going in.     

    “Filth” feature a story with twists and turns, excellent cinematography, and brilliant acting by the entire cast. Mcavoy gives a tour de force performance here, and has now really won me over as an actor. Imogen Poots also has a very solid showing in a minor role as a rival for him attaining the promotion he so desperately wants. The incredibly dark humor is constant throughout, and had me laughing out loud multiple times.

    This movie on a whole really impressed me, and I would highly recommend it to lovers of dark humor along the lines of “Wolf of Wall street”.


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