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Posted November 5, 2014 by MikeD in featured

Fear (short film) – an incredible example of capturing human emotion on film

Fear film

Written and directed by: Steve Kahn

Starring: Jessie Rabideau

Film, in my opinion, is the ultimate artistic medium. The artist/creator is not just telling a story. They are presenting it for you to see, hear, and hopefully if the film is done well feel. That task is sometimes especially difficult with a short film. The director does not have the time to flush out a story and fill it with characters with back stories that allow the audience to feel the film on a deeper level. They have a short time frame to convey the story (or in the case of “Fear” the emotion) they are trying to convey.

With his short film “Fear”, Steve Kahn has done exactly that. With the help of some wonderful cinematography, and a good performance by Jessie Rabideau “Fear” grabs on to a universal human emotion, and intelligently presents it to the viewer in a way that makes one feel almost vulnerable while watching. Kahn focuses on the paranoia we all suffer from when alone with our thoughts.

Cutting yourself while shaving, hearing a bump in the night, feeling like you are being watched. All things that can lead to a sense of panic. It may be irrational, but fear is an emotion we all experience daily. Here is a perfect example of a director conveying the emotion with the story, and an actress bringing that story and emotion to life. Bravo!

Watch trailer here



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