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Posted October 18, 2014 by MikeD in featured

Extraterrestrial – One hell of a ride


Written by: Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz (The vicious brothers)

Directed by: Colin Minihan

Starring: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia, Jesse Moss, Anja Savcic, Emily Perkins, Gil Bellows, and Michael Ironside

I just finished watching “Extraterrestrial”, and wow! I can honestly say that I have not been that surprised by a movie in a while. Let me explain myself.

I thought going in that I was going to be watching a formulaic, tongue in cheek, cabin in the woods, alien movie. And, that is exactly what it is….. for about the first sixty minutes. The opening and second act feature familiar characters (foul mouthed party boy, pretty girl and alpha male who are in a relationship, ect.) and a familiar story (group of friends, cabin in the woods, something in the woods, you get the point).

The cast is great from start to finish. Brittany Allen and Freddie Stroma play the key characters April and Kyle, and do it well. The support cast is good too. I was especially thrilled to see Michael Ironside as a stoner Vietnam vet and “Ginger Snaps” alums Moss and Emily Perkins in a small but fun part (I could have used more Perkins but that might be my only complaint so…). Half way through I am thinking “Okay… this is what I expected.”

Then comes the final act. Here, the vicious brothers apparently decided to pull the rug out from under our feet and let us slam our heads on the floor in the process. I don’t want to ruin anything, as I think any of you who even kind of enjoy sci-fi or conspiracy theory movies need to see this little treat. I will just say that things go from comfortable (if not a little ho hum) to WHOA WTF?! And, they do so in a very good, punch you in the face way that will have me thinking about the ending for quite some time.

To sum up: pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, and watch “Extraterrestrial”. You will thank me later. The end.

Watch trailer here



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